Intuitive Healing Services

with Deborah Lighthart

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Deborah has been a professional energy healer + intuitive reader since 1996. She has shared healing energy and intuitive insights with thousands of people all over the world, helping them navigate life's challenges with expanding awareness, ease and joy. While Deborah still offers readings to help you know what to expect from your world and how to move through it, her primary focus is on transforming the energy patterns within you to help you change the world around you.

Intuitive Readings: Combining Tarot, Intuition Impressions and Messages from Spirit, Deborah helps to guide you through life's lessons with increasing ease and awareness. $100/hr

Energy Bath: A unique healing experience that combines a variety of tools, tips and techniques to help you change your energy and your life. If you enjoy guided meditation and energy healing, then you'll love Energy Baths. $100/hr

Appointments available Tuesdays from 4-9pm or by appointment (call 262-251-9642)

QiGong Therapy

with Robere Kujac

A Qigong session typically last a half hour though can go longer if need be. The client sits comfortable and fully clothed in a chair with eyes closed. Robere will scan the body of the individual for blocked energy by holding his hands about 12" away from the body.  In Qigong Healing there is no bad energy only blocked energy. The blocked energy can be caused by many different things including emotional issues. Blocked energy can keep your energy from circulating causing it to become stale and stagnant. This is the cause of illness in the body and mind, blocked energy.  When Robere finds the blocked energy he breaks it up, releases it and adds new energy. He will go through your whole body this way. It is very important for Robere to hold a feeling of unconditional Love in his Heart and to keep a intention in his mind that you are completely healed. Many clients comment on the deeply relaxing feeling and calmness they experience during and after a session. Clients have also mentioned how the effects of the session have lasted for days, weeks or even longer. The Qigong Healing does not end after the session is over. It's just beginning.

Currently seeing clients on Wednesdays by appointment. If you need another day, please contact the studio.