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Yoga for Golfers

How can yoga help your golf game?

·       Increase your flexibility and range of motion

·       Increase the distance and accuracy of your drive

·       Improve core strength and posture

·       Develop balance and body awareness

·       Reduce the risk of injury

·       Increase focus and cultivate your mental game

·       Overall improved health and wellness

Working together to better the balance and flexibility of our golf game; Yoga for Golfers addresses hips, shoulders, and extension of the lateral body for a robust swing, safety, and a more well rounded game in general. Not only will this class be addressing the anatomical but through an alignment based focus of yoga postures we will also be touching the psychological body. Timing, sensitivity, and precision are needed for both the long and short game, each will be touched on through focus on the breath as well as attention to the inner body.

Facilitator: Alex Luber

Cost: $15/class (class package rates can apply)