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Lower Back Therapeutic Yoga Workshop

Existing in a fast paced culture, more than half of the westernized chair sitting population experiences back pain at some point in time in their lives. This workshop is designed to address all levels of need from rank beginners to seasoned practitioners with regards to treating pain in the lower back. These methods along with diet and lifestyle modifications have proven to alleviate the most challenging of back issues (all of which will be addressed in the workshop). Those with back issues will find methods for alleviation and those without will find invaluable preventative techniques. Bring friends, family, and yourselves to address anything from too much sitting at the desk, to chronic pain, all the way to slipped disks.

"It is my sincerest hope that students attending this workshop will take home useful physical and mindful methods to help them effectively handle the pressures of a society that encourages us to ignore our body, mind, and spiritual connections." ~ Alex

Note: This class is $5 additional with class packages, or $20 for drop-ins.