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Meditation Level 1 - Beginner's Mind

Meditation Workshop - Level 1 - Beginning Your Practice

A meditation practice can lower your heart rate, calm the nervous system, improve the endocrine system sending endorphin's out into the blood stream, increase blood flow, oxygenate the brain and create new brain cells…. just to mention a few of the benefits. The practice may only take a few moments in the beginning and at the end you may notice a shift or change.

To begin a meditation practice we need to develop some tools. In this workshop we will begin by finding a place to practice. If the body is not comfortable the mind will be distracted. Connecting with our breath is next, which sends the signal for the body and mind to relax. One of the keys in this process is detachment or, learning to release from the emotional attachment to our thoughts. To do this we will focus on a simple but powerful technique to settle the mind and establish trust.

Please wear something comfortable, bring water to drink and a journal or note book. Join us with an open heart and mind as you take this guided journey to find your peaceful place.

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