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Develop Your Personal Mantra - Sankalpa (2-part series)

Develop Your Personal Mantra –


If you want to connect deeper with your true self, come explore your interior. Develop your own personal Mantra. This is a statement of your highest aspersion. It is a statement that resonates from within you. As in “Om Mani Padme Hom” mantra - which evokes compassion toward yourself and all sentient beings, we will connect head and heart. Those who have walked this path before you say they have felt a shift in the way they walk through their life.

This will be a 2 part workshop, one and half hours each.  The first week will be an explanation of the practice, a personal reflection on what inspires you and some “first hand” experience in the practice. After a week, to do some self-study, you will return for the second week to redefine and cultivate the practice.

Facilitator: Kitty Downey
Dates: This is a 2-part series taking place on Saturday, Oct 1st & 15th.

Cost: $50 for both days (Oct 1st & 15th)