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Beginner's Mind Meditation Level 1.2

Beginner Mind Follow-Up – Level 1.2

Science has proven that a consistent meditation practice can lower your heart rate, calm the nervous system, improve the endocrine system sending endorphins out into the blood stream, increase blood flow, oxygenate the brain and even create new brain cells. The key is consistent practice. Some of the essentials covered in Level 1.1 were, getting comfortable, breathing, and some tools of meditation. In the last workshop we touched on some basics. Here we will revisit and add to these tools.

When we begin a practice it is important to develop a routine or ritual in order to be successful. It is common for questions and concerns to bubble-up, as we turn inward. Am I doing this right? Am I breathing correctly? My practice is not like what other people are telling me. How long do I do this?

There is something that keeps coming up when I practice, what can I do? There are many techniques available that can take us deeper. What works for ones may not resonate with the next person. In this workshop will discuss your questions and develop some new tools to assist us. The purpose of these workshops is to build your practice support your journey.

Wear something comfortable, bring water and a journal or note pad.

You are invited to join me on the cushion or chair to journey inward to your peaceful place.

Facilitated by Kitty Downey.

Cost: $35

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