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Belly Dance Workshop

Have fun and connect to your “Divine Feminine Self” with the sacred and enchanting art of belly dance. This ‘Intro to Belly Dance’ workshop teaches the fundamentals of belly dance from various styles. Take what you learned at class home and play with it to your favorite tunes!! Learn belly dance moves including: shimmies, isolations, undulations, locks, hits and a short combination to put all the moves together.

What you will experience:
1.) Basic belly dance moves to practice, build on to, and personally stylize.
2.) How to create a gorgeous belly dance posture.
3.) The connection and healing power of dancing in a group.
4.) A fun cardio and muscular toning workout.
5.) An enhanced sense of presence and confidence in your body which you will carry with you.

Investment: $20 for the 1.5hr workshop

Dana Weber has been belly dancing 10 years and has performed with two troupes. She is also KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and certified Massage Therapist.